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Audierne Saturday No details
Audierne Wednesday No details
Bannalec Wednesday 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month
Benodet Monday No details
Brest Friday Centre Ville, Liberté
Brest Friday Lambezellec Place Ffi
Brest Saturday 4 stalls, Moulins Av Polygone
Brest Sunday Morning Siam st Louis
Brest Sunday Trezhir
Brest Thursday Bellevue Av de Tarente
Brest Thursday Keredern rue Paul Duka
Brest Tuesday 4 stalls, Moulins Av Polygone
Brest Tuesday Sadi Carnot
Brest Tuesday St Marc Place Simon
Brest Wednesday Pontanezen rue Degas
Brest Wednesday St Pierre Pl du Bourg
Briec Friday No details
Briec Tuesday 1st Tuesday of the month
Brignogan Friday July & August
Camaret Tuesday 3rd Tuesday of the month
Carantec Thursday June- September
Carhaix Saturday No details
Chateaulin Thursday No details
Chateauneuf Wednesday 3rd & 5th Wednesdays of the month
Cleden Cap Sizun Thursday 4th Thursday of the month
Cleder Friday No details
Clohars Carnoet Saturday No details
Combrit Wednesday No details
Concarneau Friday Place Jean Jaures
Concarneau Monday Place Jean Jaures
Crozon Wednesday Place Ch de Gaule, 2nd & 4th Wed.of Month
Daoulas Sunday No details
Douarnenez Friday No details
Douarnenez Monday No details
Ergue Gaberic Tuesday 3rd Tuesday of the month
Foret Fouesnant Sunday No details
Fouesnant Friday No details
Guerlesquin Monday No details
Guilliers Wednesday 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month
Guipavas Thursday 2nd Thursday of the month
Hanvec Thursday 2nd Thursday of the month
Huelgoat Thursday 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month
Ile Tudy Monday No details
Kerlouan Thursday June-September
Lampaul Plouarzel Sunday 2nd Sunday of the month
Landerneau Saturday No details
Le Relecq Kerhuon Thursday Unknown No Details
Le Relecq Kerhuon Tuesday Unknown No Details
Lesconil Wednesday Morning No Details
Lesneven Monday Unknown No Details
Locquirec Wednesday Unknown From the 15th of June To the 15th of September
Loctudy Tuesday Unknown No Details
Melgven Saturday Unknown No Details
Moelan Sur Mer Tuesday Unknown No Details
Morgat Wednesday Unknown No Details
Morlaix Saturday Unknown Centre Ville
Nevez Saturday Unknown No Details
Nevez Thursday Unknown No Details
Penmarch Wednesday Unknown Kerity
Plabennec Tuesday Unknown No Details
Pleyben Tuesday Unknown 2nd Tuesday of the Month
Pleyber Christ Friday Unknown No Details
Plobannalec Lesconil Wednesday Unknown Lesconil
Plogoff Friday Unknown No Details
Plogonnec Saturday Unknown No Details
Plomeur Saturday Unknown No Details
Plomodiern Friday Unknown July and August
Ploneour Lanvern Friday Unknown 1St, 3rd and Last Friday of the Month
Plonevez Du Faou Friday Unknown 2nd Friday of the Month
Ploudalmezeau Monday Unknown No Details
Plouescat Saturday Unknown No Details
Plougasnou Tuesday Unknown June To September
Plougonvelin Sunday Unknown No Details
Plouguerneau Thursday Unknown No Details
Plouhinec Sunday Unknown No Details
Plounevez Lochrist Everyday Unknown Vegetable Market
Plouzane Wednesday Unknown No Details
Plozevet Monday Unknown 1st Monday of the Month
Pont Aven Tuesday Unknown Sur Le Port – July and August
Pont Croix Thursday Unknown 1St, 3rd and Last Thursday of the Month
Pont L Abbe Thursday All day No Details
Primelin Thursday Unknown No Details
Quimper Saturday Unknown Près Des Halles
Quimper Sunday Unknown Braden
Quimper Wednesday Unknown Près Cathédrale
Quimperle Friday Unknown No Details
Riec Sur Belon Wednesday Unknown No Details
Roscoff Wednesday Unknown From the 15th of June To the 15th of September
Rosporden Thursday Unknown No Details
Scaer Saturday Unknown No Details
St Guenole Penmarch Friday Unknown No Details
St Nic Friday Unknown No Details
St Nic Monday Unknown No Details
St Nic Saturday Unknown No Details
St Nic Tuesday Unknown No Details
St Pol De Leon Tuesday Unknown No Details
St Renan Saturday Unknown No Details
Treboul Saturday Unknown No Details
Treboul Wednesday Unknown No Details
Treffiagat Saturday Unknown No Details
Tregunc Wednesday Unknown No Details

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Tel /Fax: 0033 – (0) – Portable (Mobile):

Email :

Huelgoat Office Address: 20, Place Aristide Briand, 29690 Huelgoat
Huelgoat Office Location: In the Huelgoat village square next to the Tourist Office.

OFFICE HOURS IN HUELGOAT ARE: MONDAY-FRIDAY: 09:30-12:00 and 14:30-17:30 & SATURDAY 09:30-12:00