Morbihan is the most southern region of Brittany.

The coast line of the Morbihan is very attractive with rocks, cliffs and sandy beaches The summers are warm temperatures averaging around 25C, benefiting from the effects of the Gulf Stream with its own microclimate and with warmer seas and protection of the northern winds by the Noires hills.

There are over 623 thousand people living in Morbihan spread out over 264 towns.

One is not entirely sure how many islands lie in the Gulf of Morbihan. This is mainly due to the differing definitions of an island…..

Is a piece of land which is cut off from the mainland at high tide considered an island?

Because of this, there are somewhere between 40 and 365 islands in the Gulf.

Morbihan has a long and fascinating history. The huge number of menhirs and dolmens in this area make the département one of the most impressive megalithic sites in the world – said to more than match Stonehenge. The megalithic World Heritage site of Carnac is celebrated as one of the finest with passage tombs and rock art, and is thought to date back as far as 5000BC. There are also castles from the Hundred Years War at Josselin and Pontivy, and the World War II submarine pens in Lorient.