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Ref - M2079-2914888

Code - 34963

2 bedroom terraced bungalow with extension and manageable garden in a pretty village! This terraced bungalow has been renovated, it’s habitable right away, it is ideal as a holiday home in a nice village which offers all the necessary amenities. It is located in a residential street in a cul de sac, very quiet. Walking […]

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Ref - M2005-2914856

Code - 34577

2 bedroom stone village house with garage, ideal for the holidays! Located in the heart of a very pretty village, this stone house is habitable right away, in good general condition, with a garage and a tiny garden. On the ground floor: the entrance which opens, on one side, to a large kitchen/dining room (numerous […]

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Ref - M1990-2914855

Code - 34557

Two houses for renovation, plus outbuildings, garden and 2 hectare of land! This very rural property offers two houses for renovation, it is possible to create one large house or to keep them as two houses. They need a lot of work inside, not habitable as they are. The largest one is comprised of 3 rooms […]

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Ref - M1991-2914853

Code - 34538

Rural property: 3 bedroom house, outbuildings, large garden, and the possibility of more land! Located in a very rural environment, this property is comprised of a 3 bedroom house which is more or less habitable, the structure is fine, it just needs to be modernized and upgraded inside. On the ground floor: a conservatory as […]

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Ref - M2001-2914852

Code - 34527

A 2 bedroom apartment on the ground floor, ready to move in, with garden, in Huelgoat village! Located in the heart of the village of Huelgoat, in a quiet cul de sac, walking distance to the shops, cafés, restaurants, lake and forest, this 2 bedroom flat is on the ground floor of a building of […]

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Ref - M2004-2914849

Code - 34488

  Lovely one bedroom flat in the centre of Huelgoat with a garden and shed! Located in the centre of the village of Huelgoat in a building of six flats, this one is on the first floor. There are only 2 levels and 2 flats on each level. In front of the building is a […]

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Ref - M1994-2914848

Code - 34480

A 2 bedroom house with outbuilding attached in need of renovation in the Regional Park! Located in a little hamlet of the Regional Park, walking distance to the village, in a cul de sac, this is a very quiet location. The 2 bedroom cottage is habitable but needs work, there is a pretty little garden […]

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Ref - M1963-2914831

Code - 34236

Lovely countryside property with 2 houses to finish renovating and half an acre of land, plus a garage! Located in a very rural area, in a tiny hamlet of 2 properties, this one offers two cottages plus a ruin and a garage with 2,000m² of garden. The main house is semi-detached with a garden in […]

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Ref - M1902-2214823

Code - 34121

Attractive stone house to finish renovating with 1,000m² and on its own! This lovely rural property is located in a nice countryside area, there are no neighbours around. The structure of the house is in good condition, it will be necessary to finish the inside. It is connected to water and electricity. A septic tank […]

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Ref - M1935-2914809

Code - 33962

A two bedroom bungalow built on a basement, with garden, sold furnished, in Huelgoat! Located in a very nice area of Huelgoat village, on the outskirts, in a little hamlet but walking distance to the village, this 2 bedroom bungalow is ready to be occupied. There’s no work needed. It is habitable as it is […]

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Ref - M1897-2914784

Code - 33382

Ideal property for the holidays without the maintenance of a garden, sold furnished! This cottage is located in a very pretty village, it is in good condition, nothing to do, all done inside, it is sold with the furniture, so you just have to move in with your suitcases. It is possible to put a […]

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Ref - M1876-2914771

Code - 33258

3 bedroom house with garage, potential for a studio, in the village of Huelgoat! This 3 bedroom house is habitable, it needs some improvements and modernization inside but the structure is fine. On the ground floor: a large lounge with wood burner that opens into the kitchen/dining room which is also a good-sized room, it […]

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Ref - M1840-2914747

Code - 32970

A 2 bedroom countryside house with garden of 600m² in a lovely area! Located in a very nice environment of the Regional Park, this cottage has a good structure, it is habitable inside, it needs to be upgraded and modernized and completely decorated. On the ground floor: the entrance, the kitchen which is basic but functional […]

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Ref - M1682-2914746

Code - 32954

A 2 bedroom village house with a small garden, ideal for the holidays! Located at the edge of a small village, this house is habitable as it is, it will need some improvements inside but nothing major. On the ground floor: the entrance, the dining room with a large sliding door opening onto a little […]

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Ref - M1829-2914742

Code - 32915

An ideal 2 bedroom house for the holidays in a nice village! Located in the center of a nice village, this 2 bedroom house offers the advantage of being ready to move in, it’s in a good general condition, it is habitable as it is, it will just need a few small mostly cosmetic improvements. […]

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Ref - M1814-2914733

Code - 32802

Pretty village stone cottage sold furnished, ideal for the holidays! This stone house is in good condition, ready to move in, very little to do inside.  On the ground floor: the main room, dining/lounge with a massive fireplace, a cosy room with tiled floor, beams, this is a charming room, a separate kitchen, basic but […]

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Ref - M1786-2914728

Code - 32717

Nice stone house to finish renovating with two gardens! Located in lovely hamlet of the Regional Park, this house is habitable but there is work to be finished inside. It is a stone house with a rustic slates roof, the structure is in good condition. Inside, on the ground floor: there is the main room […]

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Ref - M2095-2914709

Code - 32084

Stone house for renovation with a little garden in a hamlet of the Regional Park! This lovely stone house is located in a traditional hamlet of the Regional Park. It is a terrace house, for total renovation except for the roof which is all new. Possibility to create a one or two bedroom house, an […]

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Ref - M1881-2914638

Code - 17948

Large village house with outbuilding attached, garden of 1,5 acres and more land! This large semi-detached house is part of a pretty village of the Regional Park. It will be necessary to do some renovation work inside but the structure is fine. On the ground floor: a very large lounge with fireplace, nice tiled floor, […]

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Ref - M1865-2914621

Code - 17724

Lovely plot of 6,500m² for seasonal leisure camping at the edge of the forest of Huelgoat! Located in a beautiful environment at the edge of the forest and village of Huelgoat. This plot of 6,500m² is not a building plot, but it is possible to have a very basic camping for 3 months of the […]

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Ref - M1837-2914600

Code - 17648

Building plot of 1,400m² in Huelgoat facing the forest! Located in a peaceful area of the village of Huelgoat, this large plot is made up of two plots.  Easy access from the street, the connections to water, electricity, phone and mains sewage will be easy to do. There is already some trees and bushes on […]

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Ref - M1784-2914579

Code - 17273

M1501-2914579 Main

House for renovation in a little hamlet with 1,600m² of garden!

Located in a little hamlet, very rural property, this stone house needs total renovation, there is a building permit which has been agreed to make it a 2 bedroom house.

Everything has to be done inside, it will need a new roof.

Not connected to the water and electricity.

A septic tank would have to be installed in the garden on the side.

On the ground floor is the main room with the fireplace, a second room and an attic above, same surface as the ground floor.

Attached is the ruin of an outbuilding which will be used to make the future kitchen.

It is a semi-detached house. It is in a peaceful hamlet, a 5 minute drive from a village.

 For the ones who would like a project in rural Brittany!

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