Île aux Moines

Île-aux-Moines lies in the Morhiban Gulf. It is 7 km by 5 km , with an area of 3.1 square kilometres.

It is in the shape of cross and nowhere on the island lies further than 450 metres from the water.

Access from the mainland is possible from Larmor-Baden or Port-Blanc.

Île-aux-Moines has been inhabited since the Neolithic period, as attested by the dolmens and other relics. In 854, the then king of Brittany, Erispoe, gave a donation to the Abbey of Saint-Conwoïon in Redon, created by his father Nominoe.

This became storage space of the abbey.

After the Norman invasions of the 10th century. the island was handed back to the parish of Arradon. In 1453, it was given the status of parish.

In 1792 it became a commune in its own right.

For further information visit the local website at www.ileauxmoines.fr