Roscoff is a commune in the Finistère department in Bretagne in north-western France.

The nearby Île-de-Batz, called Enez Vaz in Breton, is a small island that can be reached by launch from the harbour.

After lobbying by local economic leaders headed by Alexis Gourvennec, the French Government agreed in 1968 to provide a deep water port at Roscoff. Existing ferry operators were reluctant to take on the relatively long Plymouth/Roscoff crossing, so Gourvennec and colleagues founded Brittany Ferries.

Since the early 1970s, Roscoff has been developed as a ferry port for the transport of Breton agricultural produce, and for car-based tourism. Brittany Ferries’ links with the United Kingdom and Ireland provide a boost to the local economy.

In the late 1990s people from the South West (of England) began to travel to Roscoff from Plymouth in order to stay for one or two days and import French wines at much cheaper prices than in England.

Roscoff is also a traditional departure point for Onion Johnnies.

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